Steering Committee

President: Allison Kealy, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Vice President: Vassilis Gikas, National Technical University of Athens, Greece


Terms of Reference

International Association of Geodesy Commission 4 brings together scientists, researchers and professionals dealing with the broad area of positioning and its applications. For this purpose, it will promote research that leverages current and emerging positioning techniques and technologies to deliver practical and theoretical solutions for engineering and mapping applications, GNSS technologies, sensors fusion, and atmospheric sensing, modelling, and applications, based on geodetic techniques. Commission 4 will carry out its work in close cooperation with the IAG Services and other IAG entities, as well as via linkages with relevant entities within scientific and professional sister organizations.

Recognizing the central role of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in providing high accuracy positioning information today and into the future, Commission 4 will focus on research for improving models and methods that enhance and assure the positioning performance of GNSS-based positioning solutions for a range of applications.

The Sub-Commissions will develop theory, strategies and tools for modeling and/or mitigating the effects of interference, signal loss and atmospheric effects as they apply to precise GNSS positioning technology. They will address the technical and institutional issues necessary for developing backups for GNSS, integrated positioning solutions, automated processing capabilities and quality control measures.

Commission 4 will also deal with geodetic remote sensing, techniques for positioning in GNSS denied environments, low cost and smartphone GNSS positioning systems and regional applications and developments of GNSS capabilities and augmentations.

Whenever necessary, additional WGs and SGs can be established and dissolved, the latter if they have achieved their goals or if they are inactive.